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Guidance Strategies Journal 2

Guidance Strategies Journal 2


Introduction  This journal assignment will help you reflect on guidance strategies seen in your practicum placement. Remember guidance strategies should guide children to become self-disciplined and be able to function by the rules of our society. 

The Assignment:

Complete the Reflective Journal assignment using the topic assigned.The journal must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs, each paragraph must be a minimum of 10 sentences in length. The first paragraph should contain a description of the event, activity, or interaction that pertains to the topic.  Be specific and detailed to give a clear understanding of the event, activity or interaction you have selected.The second paragraph should contain one NAEYC Sub-Standard (ex. 4b) from the standard summary document that is attached to the assignment.  You should reflect upon how this sub-standard is applicable/appropriate to the first paragraph.  Give detailed information that relates the NAEYC sub-standard you selected to the event, activity, or interaction from the first paragraph.The third paragraph is your chance to reflect on the event, activity, or interaction. As you reflect, think about what you learned, what could have been done better or differently, or what went exceptionally well.  Perhaps this will cause you to change your practice with children and families. Remember this is your chance to respond honestly and think about your role as an early childhood professional. How have you grown as a professional? These are all suggested to help you reflect, it is not necessary to include all the suggestions in your reflective paragraph.

Journal Topic:

Think about guidance strategies.  What strategies do you find yourself using most often and why? Are they effective? What strategies are your supervising teacher using in class? Are they effective? Which strategies have you seen implemented effectively that made a difference in the child(ren)

Grading Criteria 

· 20 points are deducted if an NAEYC Sub-Standard is not included in the second paragraph.

· 20 points are deducted if the sub-standard is included but it is not relevant to the event, activity, or interaction.

· 10 points are deducted if three paragraphs are not included

· 10 points are deducted if the minimum 10 sentence requirement is not met in all three paragraphs.

· 15 points are deducted for spelling and grammar

· 25 points are deducted if the event, activity, or interaction does not relate to the given topic.   

Resources   NAEYC Standards Summary

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