Game theory/graph theory | Statistics homework help


For this module’s assignment review the following.

A red sports car on a cobblestone street  Description automatically generated with medium confidence

A picture containing boat, sky, water, outdoor  Description automatically generated

A picture containing sky, house, building, outdoor  Description automatically generated

1. Alice, Bob, and Carly are dividing an estate consisting of a Lamborghini, a luxury yacht, and a chateau using the method of sealed bids. Their bids on each of the items are given in the following table:

Asset Distribution

a. Find the value of each player’s fair share.

b. Describe the first settlement (who gets which item and how much do they owe the estate).

c. Find the surplus after the first settlement is over.

d. Describe the final settlement.

2. Three players (A, B, and C) agree to divide the 13 pieces of candy shown below by lining them up in order and using the method of markers. The players’ bids are as indicated.

A picture containing diagram  Description automatically generated

a. Which items go to A?

b. Which items go to B?

c. Which items go to C?

d. Which items are left over?

Chart, radar chart  Description automatically generated

3. For the graph above, answer the following.

a. Give the vertex set V.

b. Give the Edge set E.

c. List the degree of each vertex.

Chart, radar chart, line chart  Description automatically generated

4. For the graph above, answer the following.

a. Find a path of length 4 from D to E.

b. Find all circuits of length 1.

c. Find all circuits of length 2.

Submit your answers to the questions above by downloading and completing the Game Theory II & Graph Theory I Worksheet below.

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