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Frederick Taylor: The Scientific Management Theory on Motivation

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The motivation of employees is very important in the running of organizations. Motivation in the business perspective involves the reasons for people behaving in particular ways in which they do. Therefore, in the field of management, it is essential to understand why employees behave as they do to not only increase productivity but also to direct the culture of the organizations and therefore succeed in the current day competitive environments. Management theories offer different views concerning the motivation of employees and the applicability of the theories is hugely dependent on the ideas of the theorists concerning motivation. Frederick Taylor is among such theorists who theorized on the matters of management and introduced a perspective of motivation. According to the theorist, money is a key factor in choosing careers and working hard (Healy, 2016). Thus, the theorist offers his ideas on how the desire for money can be exploited to ensure that the productivity of the employees is optimal………

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