Find An Article Related To Legal Ethics

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Find an article related to legal ethics. For example, it should be about a lawyer who has violated the ethics rules by taking advantage of a client or not following through on a representation. Just because something is not ethical does not mean it is relevant. To begin this assignment, please access the APUS Online Library and select and article. The article selected should be no more than four years old. (ATTACHED ARE 3 ARTICLES…….CHOOSE 1) (ONLY CHOOSE 1 OF THE ATTACHED ARTICLES TO DISCUSS)

Summarize the article in your own words. You should highlight the main points and indicate the specific rule that was violated.

Discuss whether you agree or not with the article, and why.

Discuss whether you agree with the discipline taken against the attorney. If no discipline was taken against the attorney or not stated in the article explain what discipline you think would be appropriate and why.

Your article review should be 1-2 pages in length.

Make sure all citations and references are in APA. .

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