Find An Article About Ethical Behavior In The Business World And Write A 3 Page Double Spaced Paper About It 3

Question Description

Page one

– You should summarize the article

Page Two & Three

– You should relate the article to the concepts we discuss in class.

– Examples of some of the periodicals and magazines

you could access include: Newsweek, Time Magazine, Business Week, Fortune, Fast Company,

HR Magazine, SHRM Web site, Personnel Psychology, Human Resource Management Journal,

Journal of Management, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and

Journal of Vocational Behavior.

Notes on Ethical Behavior from class

– Acting in ways consistent with

> personal values

>commonly held values of the organization

– Abilities required for ethical decision making

>able to identify the ethical issue

>able to decide what is right

>able to evaluate the consequences

****Attach link of article used at the bottom of paper***

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