Find A Daily Problem On School And Writing An Argument Essay About It

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For this assignment, you will first read a short article about writing an argumentative essay. This article is available through this link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Read the article and write down the five main ideas in the article, using complete sentences.

It is most important that you thoroughly understand the purpose and form of an argument essay. You can see examples of argumentative writing by reading Editorials and Opinions in a daily newspaper, such as the New York Times or Washington Post. If you are unsure about this form, please do contact the instructor.

Be sure to read the student argument essay that I posted in Announcements. This student got an A in my 1C last semester.

Do not copy and paste anything that you find on the internet into your paper without properly citing the source. Papers that lack originality will receive an F.

Then, write a 500-word argumentative essay about an issue that is common to students your age in community college. This essay should describe a problem and suggest one or two ways to correct the problem. Use your best, college academic writing style and exhibit masterfully everything you learned about writing in English 1A.

Include your list of five main ideas of the OWL-Purdue University article at the top of your essay. Be sure your essay includes your name, course, date and a title.

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