Financial research project | Business & Finance homework help

 My part is only this. I have attached my Team Members Part. Due in 10 hours. No Plagiarism.

5- Develop a specific recommendation, with supporting rationale for your client, as to whether PepsiCo’s recent trend in financial and stock performance is of sufficient financial strength to warrant entering in a long-term investment in bonds and/or stocks of the company. Explain your answer (about 1 page) (10% of the project grade).

-6- Develop a specific recommendation, with supporting rationale for the PepsiCo’s management – Think about the financial strategy of the company, how to best balance PepsiCo’s financial leverage to optimize shareholder wealth going forward taking into consideration the company’s current market position, credit rating, dividend policy, etc.  (10% of the project grade).

-7- Reflection – the students should write a paragraph in their own words reflecting on what they learned from the assignment and how they think they could apply what they learned in the workplace. (5% of the project grade). 

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