Finance Questions 77

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Please answer the following questions briefly. These questions are more of definitions

1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 financial statements.

2) Give 3 examples of how we use the concept of present and future value of money in our day to day life.

3) Research the financial crisis of 2008. Do you think there is a chance we can go through such a financial crisis again in the near future?

4) What is a futures contract? A warrant? A stock market index? How is Dow jones Industrial average doing at the moment?

5) what is a derivatives market? Why are they key to financial growth? Are they risky? Why?

6) If you start a private company in the future, would you keep it private or take it public? Why?

7) what is LIBOR market? What is the federal funds rate? What is a treasury bond. (Use your own works to show knowledge no copy and paste)

8) How do companies raise financial capital? What is cost of capital? How do you measure it?

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