Finance Homework 53

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Project#2: International Financial Markets (

The world’s financial markets have become a 24 hour-a-day business. Advances in

technology and the Internet allow investors (serious or casual) and students to keep a

constant watch over their affairs. Many websites allow users to get market information

from around the world in just seconds. This cyberproblem uses CNNMoney to learn more about global financial markets. **Please write

down the date when you do the project.

a. Access the “Markets” section of the CNNMoney site. Was it good day for the

U.S. financial markets? How did foreign markets do today? Are they

correlated with U.S. markets?

b. Scroll down to “Sector performance”. Select several different industries and

comment on how they performed today.

c. Select one firm from “gainers” and one from “losers”. Read today’s column and a

couple of recent profiles by clicking on the symbol of the stock. What do you

think about these companies’ prospects? Are these the kinds of companies

you could invest in? Why or why not?

d. Click on “Currencies” and examine how exchange rates of various currencies

have changed in recent three months. In general, have most currencies

strengthened or weakened against the dollar over the last three months? Offer

one or more reasons to explain the recent general movements in currency

values against the dollar.

e. Does it appear that the Asian currencies move in the same direction relative to the

dollar? Does it appear that the Latin American currencies move in the same

direction against the dollar? Explain.

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