Family and society | Sociology homework help

Please number and answer the following questions, based on lectures as well as readings and occasionally a video.  When you refer to the reading in your answer, put the author’s last name in parentheses – example: (Gerson).  Do not repeat the question; simply number then answer.  Your total word count for this exam should be minimum 1500 words, typed, doublespaced.  At the top of your exam please put your name, class, and word count.  You will submit this Exam as a Word doc via Canvas by the due date/time posted in Canvas.  All answers must be in your own words; no direct quoting from lecture material or readings is allowed.  Please note that while this exam is open (that is, open-note, open-book), you MAY NOT work with other people on this exam.  This exam is to be completed by you individually; any collaboration with other people on this exam constitutes cheating, so please be sure to work independently.  Please note that exams that are late or under the word count or have direct quoting will not be accepted. 

1)  Based on the Module Work and Families – lecture: What is the second shift?  Why do (on average) women do most of it?  How does the gender pay gap often relate to the second shift?  Based on reading (35)Gerson: What do these women and men want ideally in terms of family and paid work?  Why do they have a Plan B?  What are the differences between the women’s Plan B vs the men’s Plan B?  Based on reading (37)Meyers and Demantas: What is a mancession, and why is this concept misleading?  How did these men respond to the mancession?  Give specific examples.

2)  Based on the Module Dating/Sex/Cohabitation/Marriage – lecture: How have dating and marriage changed throughout US history?  Based on reading (17)Schwartz:  Explain the three pieces of evidence that Schwartz offers to support her thesis that Americans are fearful of and misinformed about sex.  Next, explain two sources of fear about sexuality.  What is Schwartz’s answer to this issue?  That is, explain what she proposes for us to reduce sexual anxiety.

3)  Based on the Module Domestic Violence – lecture: Research shows that many victims of domestic violence have different experiences when it comes to trying to get help.  Explain how experiences differ for heterosexual men victims vs heterosexual women victims, racial-ethnic minority women victims and immigrant women victims, and gay men victims vs gay/lesbian women victims.  Next, explain with examples three sociological explanations for domestic violence. 

4)  Based on the Module Divorce – lecture: What are some pros and cons of divorce for each of the following – men, women, and children?  Based on reading (21)Rutter:  Explain two points from the reading that support Rutter’s case for divorce.  Based on reading (22)Coleman and Ganong:  Explain two things we have learned from research on stepfamilies.  

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