Fallacies | English homework help

CH5-Everything’s an Argument(see attachment)

Fallacies(many kinds)

Select 3 fallacies from CH5 then find a real-life example of each fallacy

(uncredible blogs), (News- tv news, news paper)(John Oliver-last week tonight)(the daily show)(real time with Bill Mahr)…

Why is this example the fallacy listed?


If the the real life example founded on a video, you should include the video link and the time “what the exact time the fallacy used in the video”.

if it’s found in an article, you also need to provide a link and direct quote.



1. -False analogy,

-John Oliver “………” the fallacy.


– if video provide time (min1:07-2:16)

– this is a false analogy because….

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