Excel chapter 1: grader project

1Start Excel. Download and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch01_Cap_TicketSales.xlsx. Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename. 02Centering the title Sugarhouse District Theatre over the data columns, increasing the font size, and applying a different font color will make it stand out as a title. 

Merge and center the title over the range A1:G1, change the font size to 20, and apply Purple font color.53You want the performance date to display, including the weekday, centered below the title.

Type 4/16/2021 in cell A2, apply the Long Date number format (which includes the day of the week), apply the Note cell style, and merge and center the date over the range A2:G2.64Now that you have formatted the worksheet, you need to select margin settings so that any printouts you make will look professional.

Set a 1″ top margin and center the worksheet horizontally between the left and right margins.55Insert a footer with the text Exploring Series on the left side, the sheet name code in the center, and the file name code on the right side.66You want to insert a new row for Orchestra Back.

Insert a new row above row 9, between Right and Left. The new row is row 9. Copy the data from cell A5 to cell A9 and change the data in cell A9 from Front to Back.57Indenting the specific seating sections will distinguish the specific section locations from the main section headings. After indenting text, the column needs to be widened to display the text.

Indent twice the data in the ranges A6:A8, A10:A12, and A14:A17. Then change the width of column A to 18.68The column heading in cell A4 is formatted. You want to copy those formats to the other headings on row 4.

Use Format Painter to copy the formats in cell A4 to the range B4:G4.29Wrapping text within each cell will improve the readability of the column headings.

Wrap text and horizontally center the labels in the range A4:G4 and set the height of row 4 to 30.410You decided to change the word Purchased to the word Sold.

Use Find and Replace to find all occurrences of Purchased and replace them with Sold.311The worksheet contains spelling errors that need to be corrected.

Check the spelling in the worksheet and correct all spelling errors.212Enter the formula to calculate the percentage of seats sold for the performance.

Calculate the Percentage Sold in cell E6 by dividing the Seats Sold by the Seats in Section. Copy the formula to the range E7:E17. Delete the formula in cells E9 and E13 since those are empty rows.413Enter the formula to calculate the percentage of seats not sold.

Calculate the Percentage Not Sold in cell F6 by subtracting the Percentage Sold from 1. Copy the formula to the range F7:F17. Delete the formula in cells F9 and F13 since those are empty rows414Enter the formula to calculate the gross revenue from the seats that were sold.

Calculate the Gross Revenue in cell G6 by multiplying the Seats Sold by the Price Per Seat. Copy the formula to the range G7:G17. Delete the formula in cells G9 and G13 since those are empty rows.415Formatting the monetary values in the Price Per Seat and Gross Revenue columns improves the readability.

Apply Accounting Number Format with zero decimal places to the ranges D6:D17 and G6:G17.516The formula results in the Percentage Sold and Percentage Not Sold columns are hard to read as decimal values. Formatting the results to display percent symbols will improve the readability.

Apply Percentage Style with one decimal place to the range E6:F17.517After reviewing the data, you decide to move the Price Per Seat to be to the left of the Gross Revenue data.

Insert a new column G. Select and move the range D4:D17 to the range G4:G17. Delete the empty column D.

518You want to center the values in the Seats in Section and Seats Sold columns.

Center horizontally the data in the range B6:C17. Apply Align Right and indent twice the data in the range D6:E17.1019Borders will help people distinguish different seating sections.

Apply Outside Borders to the range A4:G4, the range A5:G8, A9:G12, and A13:G17 one range at a time.820Rename Sheet 1 as 4-16-2021. Copy the worksheet, place the duplicate to the right, and rename it as 4-17-2021.521You want to use the duplicate worksheet to be ready to enter data for the April 17 performance data.

Change the date in cell A2 to 4/17/2021. Keep the Long Date Format. Delete the values in the range C6:C17.622Save and close Exp19_Excel_Ch01_Cap_TicketSales.xlsx. Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.0

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