ethical dilemma discuss a business s ethical dilemma that you have discovered in the 4508235


Discuss a business’s ethical dilemma that you have discovered in the news today.
• What was the dilemma?

• What decisions were made by the company, and what were the effects of this decision on the company and its customers?

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Ethical dilemma is a situation whereby one is faced with a choice between two options which neither of the options can resolve the crisis in an accepted ethical manner. In the business setting, the most fundamental issues of ethics faced are trust and integrity. Ethical business dilemma proves to be a paradox in decision making between two imperatives that are moral. The business dilemma have experienced in the news today is the medical journals transparency initiative. This is according to New York Times.  The imperative was the continuous need for subject research to be fully informed. The information was about investigator and institutional financial interests before the decision of whether to enroll in a particular study. The requirement according to the federal regulations are that boards of institutions must ethically review studies before the genesis of the study. The review range from approval of the relevant language to be used. The Human health and services department has published rules to be ethically followed by institutions………..


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