Entrepreneurship & new venture creation develop a business plan –

Students are required to provide a final business plan report that they have been working on in the midterm assessment. Revisit all the research and analysis done in the midterm assessment to improve the first part of your business plan
Include at least the following additional information in your business plan:

o Elevator Pitch – write a speech (1-3 minutes length) where you explain the business and where you try to persuade investors to participate in your business

o Sales forecast. Use at least two different methods to justify your year 1-5 sales forecast. Indicate what assumptions are you considering and what real/researched information are you using for the estimation

o Marketing strategy and budget. Explain the main 3 strategies you will use to achieve your sales
o Define the legal structure and the initial capital required
o Define the outsourcing services you will use. Describe all the functions that you have to cover and identify which ones you will hire

employees or you will do yourself and which ones will be provided by a third party. Justify your answer and estimate the cost of it o Risk & Insurances. Are you planning to hire any insurance policy?
o Basic Financial study:

 Calculate the break-even of your project
 Present a 5-year basic P&L. Explain the main assumptions and calculate the ROI

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