El nino and la nina

1) What months and/or seasons do we typically experience the effects of El Nino and La Nina? (0.75 pt)

2) What are the predicted chances (according to scientists) that we will experience the effects of El Nino and/or La Nina from this point forward and for the next several months?  Have we experienced El Nino and/or La Nina effects in the recent past (within one year)? (0.75 pt)

3) Describe and contrast the basic conditions of the Pacific Ocean, and what basically causes these conditions, that lead to El Nino and La Nina events. (2 pts)

4) What are the basic weather/climatic effects both El Nino and La Nina may cause across the United States?  Address each basic region of the U.S. (the NW, SW, MW, NE, and SE). (2 pts)

5) List at least two sources of information/references you used to research your answers.  Be sure to properly cite the references as per MLA or APA guidelines for purposes of clarity. (0.5 pts)

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