E7. spe205 autism spectrum disorder

Essay word limit: 2000 words

Temple Grandin is one of the prominent advocates of autism. She is diagnosed with autism

herself at a young age. In this video presentation, she shares her childhood journey through a

children book entitled “The Girl Who Thought in Pictures the Story of Dr Temple Grandin”.

This book can be viewed in Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcruLjS0PJY

Question 1

From the video that tells the story of Grandin, outline the behaviours that characterize autism

and discuss reasons why Grandin experience difficulties in communicating with others.

(25 marks)

Question 2

Based on the behaviours presented by Grandin,

a) Identify the strengths of children like Grandin and determine THREE (3) strategies and

support to enable children like Grandin to communicate with others.

(25 marks)

b) Create a guidebook for parents to explain THREE (3) strategies which they can practice

at home that enable children like Temple Grandin to have better social skills and

communicate better with their peers. Provide clear explanation and illustration of how

the strategies can be used

The guidebook will require referencing from literature and research on the strategies that

you have discussed. Marks are also awarded for use of language, creativity, illustration

to make the guidebook user friendly and can catered to parents of different levels.

(50 marks)

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