Due by january 4th 10pm eastern time questions | Consumer Behavior | Rutgers University – Newark

   I need help answering the questions below. Can anyone help ?

Due date: Jan. 4, 2022 10PM


Answer all questions. Organize answers with appropriate headings and subheadings, according to the following chapters and questions. Be creative, precise, and to the point when answering the questions. Conduct further research to provide enough evidence to support  arguments. 3 pages, double-spaced. 

Perception (Chapter 10)  Pgs. 364-367

Q1. It is not unusual for companies to revise their logo every once in a while. Companies are motivated to do so by the need to freshen up their look and maintain relevancy in the eyes of their consumers. The problem? Sometimes such a change can backfire, as Gap learned when attempting to change their logo. Their new logo featured Gap’s name in a clean font (see below), with a small blue square overlapping the “P”. The results? Overwhelming caustic criticism from angry consumers.

So, what happened? what did the GAP do wrong? What are the key lessons learned from this case? 50 points

Attitudes and Influencing Attitudes (Chapter 11) Pgs. 396-407 

Q2. Suppose you wanted to form highly negative attitudes toward smoking among college students.

a) Which attitude component would you focus on? Why? – 25 points

b) What type of appeal would you use? Why? – 25 points

Textbook Link: https://u1lib.org/book/5830768/6811ce

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