Dq 81

  1. Discuss how effective President Trump has been in the domestic policy arena with regard to problems such as unemployment, health care, and other matters. Check newspapers, journals, and other media for various accounts.  Steer clear of  entertainment news sites like Huffington post, young turks, breightbart, etc.  Use instead sites like Forbes, BBC, and my FAVORITE right now is allsides.com.  This site gives you, on one page, news from the left, the center, and the right.  If we consider that the truth is usually somewhere in the middle…where there you have it.  But seriously, for this question I need you to dig deep.  Don’t give me quotes of things Trump has said because that’s always confusing.  Give me NUMBERS.  and for extra credit on this question, tell me why the unemployment rate doesn’t matter one little bit, but the labor participation rate does. Knowing the difference will serve you well in future discussions.  
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