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  • Minimum of 2 academic or government resources with corresponding in-text citations (one for criminal statues; one for a criminal case)

IntroductionMost states have four basic types of murder: first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. Grading murder into first and second degree is important because in some states only first-degree (or capital) murders qualify for the death penalty (or prison for life without parole in states without the death penalty). Second degree murder is typically an unpremeditated but intentional killing. Many jurisdictions also have criminal homicide statutes that address killings while the defendant was driving a vehicle or operating a boat while intoxicated.

Initial Post InstructionsConduct an internet search and find the criminal statutes for killing a person in Ohio state. Identify the statutes. Now find a criminal case applying to one of the statutes. Identify the case and the statute the offender was charged with. Describe the circumstances of the crime that meet the elements of the criminal statute as listed in your state’s revised code.

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