Dp – behold the dreamers: chapters 29-62


After reading chapters 29-62 of Behold the Dreamers, please respond to questions below. Be reminded that the submission deadline was extended for chapters 29-42 so that I could incorporate the 2008 Financial Crisis assignment. This assignment provided detailed background on the 2008 financial crisis. Each discussion post is worth 10 points; therefore, this assignment is worth 20 points. 


 Chapters 29-39 Questions

1. In chapter 29, we read that Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States. What do you think the author set the novel during the this time period? In other words, what does the inclusion of the election symbolize to you since it is embedded in themes of American Dream and immigration? 

2. Describe how challenges of immigrant life in the United States begin to take their toll on Jende. 

3. Why does Cindy demand that Clark fire Jende? 

Chapters 40-55 Questions

4. How does dismissal from his job with the Edwards family affect his life? 

5. Why does Neni blackmail Cindy? 

6. How does Neni’s immigration status affect her pursuit of education? 

7. Why does Jende decide to return to Limbe? Do you think he made the right decision? Why or why not? 

8. Why do you think Neni does not retaliate to the physical and verbal abuse from Jende? 

Chapters 56-62 Questions

9. Why do you think it was important for Jende to visit Clark prior to his return to Limbe? 

10. Based on how they will be able to live in Limbe, do you think that the Jongas achieved the American Dream? Why or why not? 

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