Do You Use Punctuation Consistently And Correctly Sentence Checks Read Every Sen

Do you use punctuation consistently and correctly? Sentence checks. Read every sentence. Is it saying the thing you meant it to say in the fewest possible words? Are the sentences gramatically correct? Consistency checks. Is your use of typefaces and fonts consistent? Have you defined your conventions? Have you defined any acronyms at first use? Do you use them consistently thereafter? Are your conventions for referring to Sections, Figures, and Tables consistent? Are your citations consistent? Do all references cited appear at the end of the document? Are you consistent in your reference style? Are your lists formatted consistently? Are any numbers in the text formatted consistently? Paragraph checks. All your paragraphs should be longer than one sentence. Does each of your paragraphs flow? Do the sentences in your paragraphs connect logically to form a coherent paragraph?

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