Do My History Assignment 1

I want some to do my history assignment and make sure that there’s no plagiarism. Read the instructions.

Writing Assignment: The writing assignment intends to introduce students to primary texts that cover the period from English settlement to the American Civil War. Students are required to write one (1) paper. I have provided six (6) primary source texts of varying topics and you will choose one (1). Read the document and write a one (1) page response paper that addresses the below questions. All papers should be written in Times New Roman, 12pt font, one (1) inch margins, and double spaced. All primary sources are located on the courseâs Blackboard page. Once you have completed your response paper you will submit it through the corresponding Turnitin link.

Guiding Questions: What type of text is it? When was it written? Who wrote it? Who was the intended audience? What was the purpose? What was the argument? What was the historical context of the writing? What if historians only used primary sources from one perspective? Why is it important to understand something from varying viewpoints? Connect this to the primary source under examination.

Primary Source Documents

  • A Model of Christian Charity

  • Joseph Galloway’s speech to the First Continental Congress

  • Declaration of Sentiments

  • South Carolina’s Articles of Secession

  • James Madison’s Federalist Paper 10

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