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Please answer the following questions with at least 2 smaill paragraphs each please.

“Common Attacks and Hacktivism” Please respond to the following:

  1. Evaluate two different methods hackers presently use to vandalize Web servers. Determine which of these two methods would be more difficult for security personnel to defend against. From a risk management perspective, determine the method to which you, as a security manager, would allocate more resources. Justify your answer. 
  1. From the first e-Activity (listed below), explain from your perspective why hacktivism is a growing concern for companies and security professionals. Determine whether or not you believe the threat landscape is trending more toward targeted attacks and away from the traditional untargeted, random attack.


Go to the Infosecurity Website to read the article titled “ Hacktivism, state-sponsored attacks keep security professionals up at night,” dated April 2012, located at http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/view/25369/hacktivism-statesponsored-attacks-keep-security-professionals-up-at-night/.

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