Discussions 41

Note: I need answer for the discussions below. Must support your each answer with 2-3 credible sources cited in APA. Must provide 100% original Answer.

Discussion 1 (250 words with 2-3 credible sources cited in APA)

In this module, we discussed the SLDC in detail and showed the benefits of using this approach. However, some organizations might be hesitant to use this approach and might prefer a phased implementation. If you were the project manager and you were asked about a phased implementation, how would you respond? Do you think that this type of implementation would be appropriate?

Discussion 2 (200 words with 2-3 credible sources cited in APA)

Explore the meaning of “minority” in discussing whether women can be considered as a minority group.

Discussion 3 (200 words with 2-3 credible sources cited in APA)

Use the internet to locate and read about an incident of age discrimination that has happened in the U.S. and briefly describe the incident. Compare laws in the U.S. that protect citizens from age discrimination to similar laws one or more of the Countries you explored. What are the main differences?

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