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I need answer for the discussions below. Must support your each answer with 2-3 credible sources cited in APA. Must provide 100% original Answer.

Discussion 1 (250 words with 2-3 credible sources cited in APA)

Enterprises are mostly comprised of many applications that are either custom-built, acquired from a third party, or are from a legacy system.

You work for an organization that has a combination of all three of these applications. This obviously presents an integration challenge as you prepare to recommend an ERP architecture.

Discuss how you would analyze and provide a recommendation on the type of ERP architecture to use in your organization. Discuss what is necessary for the ERP implementation to be successful and the different types of ERP architectures.

Discussion 1 (250 words with 2-3 credible sources cited in APA)

Upon returning home from the hospital from a ruptured appendix, a patient receives his hospital bill and finds numerous charges that he does not understand. His wife reviews the bill which is well over $300,000 and realizes that some of the services were never performed since she was with her husband for most of his stay. She calls her son, who is a lawyer, and explains the situation. Upon investigation her son finds many of the charges were false. Discuss this scenario and what can be done. What would you do?

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