Discussion response – algorithms and their apps

Please respond with 150 words or more to the discussion below with your own opinion on algorithms, sorting, and the concepts that go along with it. 


After reading and doing my own research about arrays in programing, I  thought it made sense and I understood it. I was familiar with GUI as I  have worked with VM Ware before. I’m a visual learner, so after  watching hours and hours of Youtube videos I did not think it would be  hard to incorporate into my program. Module 3 was the module I struggled  with the most. Not with understanding, but more so with writing the  actual program. I had such a hard time figuring out the proper commands  to put in to make the program do what I wanted it to do. I will keep  watching videos and asking peers and colleagues I have in the I.T world  for help. 

We use sorting in the real world more than we know. In the  programming world, sorting is a set of instructions that take an array  or list as an input and arrange the items into a particular  order. Sortings are mostly done in numerical order or alphabetical  order. Sortings can be done in ascending (A-Z, 0-9) or descending (Z-A,  9-0) order. In the real world, we use sorting when doing things such as  online shopping. We can filter results by sorting based on ascending  prices (low to high) or descending prices (high to low). We can also  sort y color, material, size, etc depending on what you are shopping  for. Another example of when we use sorting is when we are looking at  music we have downloaded on our smartphones, songs and/or artists are  usually sorted out alphabetically in ascending order. 

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