Discussion Response 2b

Respond to the discussion post below with YOUR educated opinion in 3-4 sentences WITH scholarly source backing it up:

One of the functions in HR in the school district is to track employee absenteeism.  This is done by collecting data from the schools on when the employees reports that they will be absent.  This report comes to HR to enter into our financial software.  This can track how many days the employee has been out, what type of leave they are using whether it be sick, vacation, personal or bereavement and who the substitute was that covered for them.  This data is very important as it is helpful to us to see how many days employees are using and if it is being abused.  This data also helps us during negotiating union contracts with the employees.  Substitute costs are through the roof in our district and the data on absenteeism directly correlates to how much we are paying in substitute costs each year. Not only can absenteeism be costly it can also lead to decrease in productivity, poor quality, excess time for managers, safety issues and employee morale for those that have to cover for those who are out. It is important to analyze the data on employee absenteeism in order to control your costs as well as see the trends on when and why employees are taking time off.

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