Discussion Post Create A Review Question And Strategies For Managing In A Fast


question 1 

Creating your own math questions serves as a highly effective method of concept review. Share a mathematics concept in the form of a potential exam question. Your concept can be something that proved to be a challenge to you, something that you found interesting, or just a concept that stuck out to you.

Be sure to share (1) a problem for your peers to solve and (2) allow your peers to provide their own solution to your problem. Then, (3) provide the actual solution and your own commentary on how you would approach solving this problem. While you are waiting for solutions to your own problem, remember to provide solutions to your peers’ problems.

question 2 

Research and discuss various strategies for managing in a fast paced environment. Be sure to consider the following issues/concerns for management:

  • Available resources
  • Skilled employees
  • Competitors
  • Customer needs
  • Internal workflows
  • External barriers (such as manufactures delays, etc.)
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