Discussion Of Buiness Law

This is where you will post articles, issues, case law and/or current legal news material and your related discussion of that material. Your posts must pertain to either of the Week 2 topics: Constitutional Law OR Business Ethics & Social Responsibility.

Your Posts must also include your Summary (IN YOUR WORDS) of the source article, case, etc. PLUS your Analysis of this source material (again, IN YOU OWN WORDS). In addition, you must also provide a URL to the “free” (non-subscription) English language source you used to draft your Rapid Fire Post.

Your initial Post must be posted no later than by MONDAY 7/3/17 11:59 p.m. AND your TWO Responses to other students’ or the instructor’s Posts must be submitted by FRIDAY 7/7/17 at 11:59 p.m., as noted in the Syllabus/Class Schedule, in order for you to get full credit for this week’s Rapid Fire.

Please Note: That NO Partial Credit is given for LATE Rapid Fire or partial submissions. See Good and Bad examples of Rapid Fireattached and in Modules. Your Posts AND TWO Responses MUST be made by the deadlines stated here and in the Syllabus, and will be graded on an “All or Nothing” basis. All SCC rules regarding plagiarism apply to this Assignment.

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