Discussion Macroeconomics 1

You may have gathered from your reading of the chapter that there is a very definite political economy of international trade and views differ on a number of issues, many of them ideological in nature. The position taken be candidate Trump is hard on trade agreements vowing to dismantle, or at least completely renegotiate them. Others react to the ethical dimensions of trade.

 Consider the following proposition: 

Should La Roche College sell imported clothing items made in unhealthy and unsafe working environments in other countries? Assume that these clothing items are priced cheaper than comparable items produced in the United States. Try and discuss both the pro and the con arguments.

Can you identify other products whose trade is discouraged for moral or ethical reasons? Security reasons?

What do you think will be the effects of the Trump’s administration proposed policies of restricting imports to “save” American jobs? Whom does it help? Whom does it hurt? What effect will it have on US prices?

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