Discussion Board 7 Presentation Aids Virtual Presentations

Choose ONE of these topics for your first discussion post this week:

1. Week 7.1 – Presentation Aids: With presentations that you have seen and heard before in mind, choose a recent instance. An example can be an orientation, a teacher, student presentation, preacher or professional. What were some of the highlights of the presentation? What were some of the negatives? What could the speaker have done to improve? What can you take from either to improve your presentation skills?

2. Week 7.2 – Virtual Presentations:  With so many training sessions and meetings being held online, the benefits can become a long list. Are there any negatives associated with online presentations? Does the length of a presentation play any role in the effectiveness? What would be the determining factors for too long or too short?

Pick one topic and 400 words. try read the ppt I post.

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