Discussion about workplace harassment | Business & Finance homework help

Understanding harassment and how to handle harassment is essential to ensure a healthy, vibrant, and fair workplace environment. Furthermore, having an workplace free of unfair hindrances is not only legal, it is also essential for sustainability of the organization. 

First, we need to understand the legal definition of harassment  for two purposes: as an employee (for knowing our own rights) and two, as a future leader/ or supervisor who needs to ensure a harassment-free workplace.

Second, we need to understand why harassment is not reported. This is a problem. If we are to lead in our organizations, we must create an environment of inclusion, where people feel welcome and safe. 

1) Harassment defined: Read the EEOC links, textbook chapter 8 on harassment, and view the LinkedIn Learning videos (see week 7&8 module) on harassment. EEOC: Harassment Link
2) View the two video of Dr. Julia Shaw on TEDTalk regarding workplace harassment (20+ minutes total time).
Dr. Julia Shaw: The Untold story of witnesses of workplace harassment

Dr. Julia Shaw: How to support witnesses of harassment and build healthier workplaces

3. In your own words, define harassment as it is outline in the EEOC website. You may also use your textbook, specifically, Chapter 8. Be sure to include all types of harassment, including sexual harassment.

4. What are three important take-aways from viewing Dr. Julia Shaw’s two TEDTalk videos on harassment reporting. Be substantive and thorough with details and examples. Feel free to include examples given in video. Explain well.

5. How can you (or we) ensure that harassment is reported? Better yet, how can we ensure that we are a part of creating an environment where harassment is not allowed and where all people feel safe, included, and valued? Feel free to use ideas shared in the two TEDTalk videos. Be substantive and thorough with details and examples. Explain well. 

400 word minimum. See rubric for grading purposes. 

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