Discussion 584

1) In The Strategic Failures of al Qaeda,McCabe feels critical mistakes were made by al Qaeda that led to various defeats in the years following 9/11. How would you explain the notion that these mistakes were a result of al Qaeda leadership not fulfilling its duties related to the issues of communication and mind influence; factors previously determined to be instrumental in successful radicalization and manipulation? Conversely, what information might illustrate that such issues were not within the leadership’s control?

Instructions: Post should be at least 350 words. 

2) 1. What is a standard risk assessment formula? Clearly define the variables in the formula. 

2. Should each variable in the risk formula be weighed equally or should different variables have different weights? Explain your rationale.

3. What specific role(s) does risk management play in homeland security programs and activities? 

Be sure to support your responses with information from the assigned and available readings.

Instructions: Post should be at least 350 words. 

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