Discussion 576

This Discussion takes place in two parts. Please respond to the first part by Saturday of Unit 4. You are required to post a response to and interact with your colleagues in both topics.

Part 1: Academic Freedom and the Educational Profession

In the past and even still today, teachers have had to fight for their academic freedom to teach their students what they feel is necessary for excellent learning potential. As a current or future classroom teacher, why do you think this is important? Give examples of curriculum that you feel is important and explain how you will teach the curriculum without compromising your personal teaching philosophy.

Part 2

The Great American Educational Reform Movement

You have learned about much progress that has occurred in education in this country during the past 100 years. However, the time between the Kennedy and Trump Presidential Administrations has been a very progressive time period with much change. What major events and innovations have brought about this change? What do you think will happen in the future to America’s educational system? Discuss what changes might occur as the nation moves forward. Be reflective in your answer and share your own personal experiences and thoughts.

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