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Difference between Staying in Texas vs Florida

The essay must be written in “block” format, with only have four paragraphs. It must be written in MLA format and attached must be the essay map. The 4 paragraphs must be comparison to two places you have visited. The places the paragraph need to be written about are Florida and Texas.

Answer Preview …………….

How is living in Texas vs. Florida? Visiting both states presented me the opportunity to garner some reasons for choosing what might be regarded as the best state to live. Considerably, both states tend to be politically and socially conservative and possess a strong religious influence. Notably, Florida has a population estimate of 20,612,439 compared to 27,862,596 that of Texas (Wood, Robert). Evidently, Texas is a densely populated state compared to Florida. However, does this imply that it is a better state to live? Implicitly, there …………………

PL 436 words

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