Description of experiences and activities assignment

Describe in as much detail what the internship involves, how it is organized or supervised, and what the intern’s role is within the organization. What were your responsibilities? Did your actual internship differ from the internship description you had prior to starting the internship? If so, how did it differ?  Describe your objectives and learning goals of the internship. Discuss if and how the objectives were achieved. Address your progression throughout the internship.

This shall consist of a thorough, in‑depth discussion of the various experiences and activities the intern was involved in during the internship no matter how minute the task may seem. Make certain this section is written in detail. Explain the major activities first, followed by minor experiences. Leave nothing out! Copies of all projects whether completed or not must be submitted with the summary paper. Do not include materials such as a 100 page orientation manual if you did not assist with the creation. Include these copies in the appendices.

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