Data analytics and visualization literature review research

This is paper that is focusing on the Data analytics and visualization literature review research. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the research paper clearly.

Data analytics and visualization literature review research

Data Analytics and Visualization

Individuals must undertake a comprehensive literature review of academic research focusing on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business and also the role of data analytics in the crisis/ post crisis business environment.

The process you follow should reflect the following phases:
Your paper must address all four Key Themes which reflect the key themes covered by the module:
1.    Firstly, evaluation of the role of data analytics and operations as companies, organisations, governments and society adapts to the “new normal”.
2.    Secondly, an analysis of the opportunities and dangers relating to data security and payment systems.
3.    Thirdly, a critique of a new technology whose adoption may be accelerated by the crisis.
4.    Fourthly, an exploration of a controversial ethical issues relating to digital adoption and data analytics stating both viewpoints of the controversy.

Your paper must include Harvard style referencing (inline references in the body of the text and a reference section at the end).

Data analytics and visualization literature review research

The Format of your final submission will be as follows:

1.    Firstly, a cover Page: See Assignment Cover Sheet in Moodle – includes confirmation that this is all your own work, XID, Name, Topic & word count etc.
2.    Secondly, a Table of Contents – ensure you use headings to automate TOC especially important to avoid references/bibliography being included in matched content.
3.    Thirdly, an introduction – context setting. A cohesive introduction is required to bring the key themes together into a single narrative. (approx. 500 words)
4.    Following, with a main Body – your research. A section dedicated to each of the four Key Themes. Relating the theory to practical examples is important and as is providing evidence of what is occurring in the business environment (approx. 2000 words)
5.    Lastly, conclusions – substantiate your conclusions with particular reference to the real-world examples. (approx. 500 words)

6.    Bibliography and also references. (Poorly referenced work will be marked down to a  maximum mark 40%)
7.    Keep all quotes to less than six words.

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