current accounting event within approximately one year focus on one current accounti 4508858

current accounting event within approximately one year

Focus on one *current accounting event* within approximately one year;
– Demonstrate critical-thinking skills;
– Learn to write professionally;
– Double-spaced, 12 font, the body of the paper longer than 3 pages but
no more than 4 pages;
– Must include citations at the end;
– A research and quotation into the FASB Accounting Standards
Codification (ASC) would enhance your theoretical part of the paper, below
is the info. for you to access to FASB ASC:

Write about something fun

Just wanna let you know that I am an English learner, so please keep the
writing skill at a little bit lower level

and here is the access for the site

Username – AAA52483
Password – 6QB4qaY

so write with basic english language

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