Create a checklist of items to do and bring for the iep meeting.


Create a checklist of items to do and bring for the IEP meeting. Include three sections:

  • What to do before the meeting
  • What to do and bring during the meeting
  • What to do after the meeting

Your plan should include any terms and requirements specific to your state. More information for the requirements in your state may be found at:,_Review,_and_Dismissal_Guide_Production_and_Required_Dissemination/

Using this course as well as your own independent research, create a list of at least four possible accommodations and/or modifications for learners diagnosed with each of the following:Hearing Impairment
Cite at least two outside sources that you used in developing your list.

These are just checklist that need to be completed the first section is over IEP meetings and the second section is over accommodations/modifications this one needs at least to sources to be cited.

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