Craver city water supply: code 003006002019cc

Topic Craver City Water Supply

Subject Area Coursework

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Urgency 6 to 7 hours

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Assignment Details 

Detailed Craver City is a community of 25,000 people and has a target hazard that requires a fire flow of 2,500 gallons per minute (gpm). There are 3 fire hydrants within 600 feet of this target hazard, 2 of them painted with a green color and the remaining hydrant painted light blue. 

Determine each of the following based on the information given above. 

Assuming that all 3 hydrants are working properly, do these hydrants provide the necessary water flow if the target hazard is 100% involved in fire? Explain your answer as to how you determined this,

One of the hydrants mentioned above fails to operate and provide water during the fire. Do the remaining 2 hydrants have enough flow to supply the fire needs of the target hazard? Explain you answer.

Why are these determinations important to firefighters?

What is the minimum amount of water that needs to be in storage for Craver City’s total water needs? (the answer is not a calculation but rather a description of the amount of water needed)

What are the four water systems that may be utilized in Craver City? Describe a minimum of four principles from each water system you list.

Define adequacy.

Define reliability.

Choose the water system that would be most adequate and reliable for Craver City. Why would you choose that system? 

Describe four features of water system adequacy in the water system you chose.

Describe four features of water system reliability in the water system you chose.


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