Consider The Following Algorithm L Is A List And N Is Its Length For The Purpose



// Forthepurposeofthisassignmentweassumethatn=4**k,fork≥1

// Alg1(L,n)

removethesmallestandlargestelement fromL

if n-2 >(4**k)/2

call Alg1(L, n-2)

a) Whatisthealgorithmintendedtodo?

b) Isitcorrect? Ifitisnotcorrectdiscovertheerror(s)whentryingtoprove correctnessandfixit(them). Then,reprovethecorrectness.

c) Whatisitstimecomplexity?

d) Canitbeimproved? Youmayuseanyalgorithmdiscussedinclass.

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