Consequences of tornadoes | Geography homework help

Consequences of Tornadoes

a.  Your paper must include:

A titled cover page (an example is attached)

Table of Contents with page numbers (Use as subtitles in the paper)

A bibliography/references (see attached example).  List these alphabetically.

Page numbers (number all pages) and margins (2.5cm or 1 inch for top, bottom, right, and left). 

Do not number the cover page and table of contents

b. Length: 

Five  typewritten and double-spaced pages (size 12 font and Times New Roman) of ideas are required.  Bibliography or reference page is page 6.  Every sentence must make sense. 

C. Reference/Bibliography:

Encyclopedia of any kind including Wikipedia will be rejected  

Sources such as journal articles, newspapers and magazines, books, creative thinking etc. are acceptable.

Avoid: End notes, Tailnotes, footnotes

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