Connecting to history and theory


Review the Laureate Education multimedia provided in this module’s Learning Resources: Sectors in the Early Childhood Field and Early Childhood Education History and Theory. Reflect on your previous studies in early childhood education and child development. Consider theorists, researchers, and philosophers you feel have had a significant impact on your philosophy, work, and goals in the field of early childhood.

Your choice of one historical and one contemporary figure you would add to the Early Childhood Education History and Theory PowerPoint based on their contributions to the field of early childhood. Please select a contemporary figure (e.g., researcher, theorist, advocate) who has had an impact within the past 10 years. For each person you select, provide the following:

· A brief biographical overview

· A rationale based on your research that identifies why you feel this individual’s contributions were significant

· An explanation of how, if applicable, this individual has impacted your work to date or might possibly impact your future work

Your personal history-shaping pursuit of higher education, and your current and future goals related to the early childhood field and effecting positive social change

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