conduct one interview with someone two generations removed f

conduct one interview with someone two generations removed from you regarding his or her views on conflict/negotiations and communication. This person may be related to you (grandparent, great-aunt/great-uncle, or grandchild, for example) or unrelated (family friend or co-worker, for example.), but the interviewee’s age must be separated from yours by at least 40 years. You will submit a written a paper that includes the interview transcript and a one-page comparison/contrast of the views of the person interviewed and your views. In the paper, discuss how the previous generation’s belief in conflict/negotiation differs from today. Finally, highlight a theory that may be new or different today.The transcript can be written in a Q&A format; however, your comparison should be written in complete sentences. The paper should be structured formally following the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements and 4-6 pages long.

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