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COMM 3340 Response Paper #1  Select one of the following options below and submit a responsive essay, answering all of the prompts within that option. Your paper will be graded on your ability to fully answer all questions included in the selected option, organization, and grammar. Please reference the textbook to begin your research and utilize at least one additional source to back up your points. This paper is worth 50 points.  

 1. What is the skills approach? What are the three basic personal skills that Katz outlines?  Define and describe each of these skills. How might group size affect the relative importance of each of the three skills in Katz’s model? When the skills model was developed, what were Mumford and the other researchers trying to explain? This model delineated components of effective leader performance.  List the three competencies, define and describe each. Refer to Chapter 3 on the Skills Approach for direction and guidance as you build your paper.  

2. What is Situational Leadership? Define leadership style. Identify, explain, and give examples of behaviors corresponding with four proposed styles. Define development level. Identify, explain, and give examples of followers who would fit each of the four proposed development levels. Explain the two steps leaders must fulfill to be effective.  Apply these steps to a current situation in which you are a follower.  According to the theory, what style would be most appropriate for leading you, and why?  Do you agree? Refer to Chapter 5 on the Situational Approach for direction and guidance as you build your paper.  

 3. What is path-goal theory designed to explain? What is the underlying assumption of expectancy theory? How does this pose a challenge for the leader? Complete the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire. What style do you tend to rely on most? Least? Share an experience that you have had that shows how your behavior in one situation illustrated your most common leadership style. Refer to Chapter 6 on the Path-Goal Theory for direction and guidance as you build your paper.


The link below is for the recommended text book where you can retrieve information that you will need to write the paper. Please read the instructions of this Essay paper carefully and make reference to the Textbook where necessary.     file:///C:/Users/remi/Desktop/COMM%20class%20book.pdf     Also, I have attached the assignment question, please note that you only have to pick one of the three essay paper. Feel free to contact me if you need my information for the cover page. This paper is due Sunday 10pm central time zone.     Let me know if you have any questions.     Thanks

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