Colonial Identities (graded)The colonies of New England, the

Colonial Identities (graded)The colonies of New England, the Mid –Atlantic and the Upper and Lower South developed their own forms of culture, conduct and commerce. Given the choice, where would you have preferred to live?Everyone, Compare and contrast the slave experience in the upper South and the lower South. In other words, were the slaves treated differently in the northern – Southern colonies vs. the southern South colonies?EVERYONE,I thought I would mention to all of you something that often occurs with doing a web based researched reference. Never…Never…just give me the web address as this tells the reader nothing from where you drew your material from. Instead try doing the following:Authors name (if possible), then the title of the article you used, then the date it was posted (if it is there), then the web address and Finally….the date you accessed it.This is the proper way to format a web reference and if you have any questions….email me.Prof. K

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