Click Here To Explore The Book Of Hours Trs Riches Heures A Collection Of Prayer

Click here to explore the Book of Hours (Très Riches Heures), a collection of prayers and texts for each day.In particular, pay attention to the illuminations. These images provide a glimpse into the tasks required of peasants throughout the year as they tended the fields. Using what you have learned in this section and the images in the Book of Hours, Create journal entry from the point of view of a peasant.

Imagine you are a peasant in the Middle Ages, required to provide food to the knights and nobles. it has to be 500 words, describe what your life is like. Discuss the manor on which you live and your living conditions.Also describe your required tasks. Feel free to add clip art to illustrate your journal entry.

Document your sources and use the writing rubric for reference.

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