Choose three to four of the following artists for an exhibit

Choose three to four of the following artists for an exhibition centered on the organizing theme, Trends in Early Twentieth Century American Art:Alfred StieglitzArthur DoveGeorgia O’KeeffeMarcel DuchampMarsden HartleyRomaine BrooksAnsel AdamsImogen CunninghamDiego RiveraEdward WestonTina ModottiSelect at least six to eight artworks total for your exhibition (Basically two per artist selected).Write a 175- to 250-word label (which will be placed alongside the artwork in the gallery) for eachof your selected artworks. This should include basic information aboutthe artist, the style of the paiinting, the reasoning behind selectionof the subject (if applicable) and how he or she uses specifictechniques to realize his or her vision/mood for the work. REMEMBER:you are acting as an ‘expert’ curator of a museum, not a UOP studentwriting a paper, so avoid using personal references such as ‘I’, ‘we’,’you’, etc. We don’t want your opinion.You may submit your overview as a Microsoft® Word document with images, or use a presentation tool, such as PowerPoint®.

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