Choose one of the broad topics from the list below. the electoral


  • Choose one of the broad topics from the list below. 
    • The Electoral College in the US
    • Learning to Speak another Language
    • Going to an Online University
    • Immigration
    • Art and Artists
    • Owning a Home
    • The Director’s Role in Filmmaking
    • Repairing a Car Engine
    • The Environment
    • Music
  • Refine your chosen topic to something manageable; it is impossible, for example, to write all there is to know about music.
    • Too broad: Many musicians have had a great influence on history.
    • Refined: Beethoven’s accomplishments as a musician, his loss of hearing, and his continued influence on today’s music make him one of the finest composers of all time.
  • Write a thesis statement that includes the refined topic + argument/assertion + 3-point map.

Example below.

Topic: Music

Refined Topic: Music is the best form of art.

Thesis Statement: Music is the best form of art because it is universal, easily created by anyone, and requires no external tool to create.

Topic Sentence with transition words:

  • (Body Paragraph 1) First, music is universal and able to be found in any culture around the world
  • (Body Paragraph 2) Furthermore, most people are able to sing, although there are different levels of being able to sing.
  • (Body Paragraph 3) Finally, no external tools are required to make music which makes it more accessible than other types of art.

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