Checking grammar (three sentences summary about chapter 8

Checking grammar (three sentences summary about chapter 8 This changes Everything),Nomore than three sentences. Chapter eight of this book talks about some schemes that humans use such as geoengineering thinking that it is saving us yet all it does is tampering with the climate change leading to more problems than what it is trying to solve. Geoengineering as a process is purposed to fix issues to do with the sun and the way the earth works by realizing huge amounts of sulphate into the stratosphere and it was thought to have a positive effect in terms of the solar rays that penetrates the atmosphere and as Klein says, “Solar Radiation Management (SRM) involves ‘various means of injecting particles into the atmosphere in order to reflect more sunlight back to the space, thereby reducing the amount of heat that reaches the earth’”. However, the whole process of geoengineering as it tries to solve the underlying problem, has more side effects which may be damaging to the atmosphere since the spewing sulphate in the atmosphere affects the nature thus causing draughts and acidic rainfall.

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